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Written by Sherry Evens   
Tuesday, 01 February 2011 16:59

If you’re like me, you subscribe to several publications, both personal and business. When I skim the “President’s Messages” in some of these publications, they blather on about similar things: what the weather’s been like, can’t believe it’s 2011 already, yada, yada, yada. So, I vow to put some substance in my message to you so you will read mine!

To say that we’re not “time clock guys” anymore would be an understatement. True, there are still some businesses that use a manual punch clock, but our biggest challenge in serving the business community today is not in convincing those organizations to move to a software-based system, but in convincing employers and employees alike that using the honor system or paper timesheets is just a busy exercise.

Today’s workforce spans many dimensions: virtual offices in homes and vehicles, stay-at-home mothers and fathers, mobile workers, and the traditional workforce that reports to a central office/factory/healthcare facility/retail store. With those considerations come so many facets of helping employers and employees alike realize their potential with flexible scheduling, accurate labor hours, production data and reporting, benefits computation, and discipline and incentive methods.

The ITLMA has moved from an “equipment”, commodities-based association bringing together manufacturers and resellers to an informative, continuing education and networking group that is reaching thousands of businesses. There is no other association that focuses on the capturing and reporting of workforce data that is the first link in the chain of labor reporting that feeds all other human capital systems in any organization.

This year’s conference in Las Vegas has been restructured so that vendors and attendees can take advantage of a newer, more convenient schedule (and less expensive as well!). Whether your core competency is labor management tools, or even if you offer labor management as an additional service to your clients (e.g. CPA firms, payroll processing firms), you NEED to see the ONLY conference devoted to the upfront capture of labor data. Your competitors will be there – shouldn’t you?

Much success to you-

Sherry Evens, President