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Written by Michael Hoover   
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 06:34
LEMONT, IL (September 10, 2014): The Workforce Educational Organization (WEO), creator of the first professional recognition and certification for workforce management technology professionals, is pleased to announce that registration is now open for time and labor management certification. More than 30 individuals have recently completed the training.

The WEO professional certification fills a gap in the domain of time and labor management technology by providing businesses with a standard measure of competency and guidelines for timekeeping and labor management, according to Sherry Evens, WEO Co-Chairperson. The WEO vision is to increase the understanding, utilization, and impact of time and labor management systems by providing education, timekeeping, and time & labor management technology certification and professional recognition, research and collaboration so that employers and workers can benefit and improve operationally, strategically, and financially.

“These education programs increase outcomes for performance, resources, and investments, informing and aligning people with technology in the workplace. This is directly benefiting businesses and companies providing workforce services, products, and also helps employers who have invested in developing business solutions,” says Evens.

“Time Labor Management impacts every person within an organization on a daily basis,” said Chris Adam, Support Specialist and newly Certified WEO-T™ Professional© from at Evens Time, Inc., based in Indianapolis. “The WEO certification encompasses a wealth of information including pay rules, shifts, schedules and labor laws. This course helps to bridge all the fragments together, simplifying the complex world that Time and Labor Management can be.”

The WEO currently offers two levels of certification. The WEO Timekeeper Professional (WEO-T™) Certification© program is a full-day training event that requires a pre-test, 8 hours of education content, and a passing score on a 150-question exam. This program is designed for candidates with less than one year experience and responsible for verifying employee time & attendance (T&A) entries (punch in/punch out data) for payroll reporting, preventing errors, omissions, and making adjustments for accurate payroll.

The WEO Time & Labor Management Technology Professional© (WEO-P™) program is a 20-hour, online self-study program that requires a pre-test, 20 hours of education content, and a passing score on a 300-question exam. This program is designed for candidates responsible for employee payroll and/or managing or training/ supervising timekeepers, or department leaders with timekeeping responsibilities.

“It’s extremely gratifying to hear that the first certified WEO-T™ and WEO-P™ Professionals© are reporting return on investment (ROI) to their companies through improved client relationships, reductions in practice/policy conflicts, payroll errors, time theft and waste and improved relationships between employees and department leaders” says Michael Hoover, WEO President.

The education programs and certification testing are provided through the Bloomington, Minnesota based Labor Management Institute (LMI), a highly respected advisory firm in the field of employee staffing, scheduling, and workforce management. Since its founding in 1981, LMI has provided education and consulting services to more than 2,500 hospitals, healthcare and business organizations both nationally and internationally. LMI is a recognized leader in workforce management and publishes the Labor Management Institute's Perspectives On Staffing & Scheduling (PSS™) Annual Survey of Hours Report©, now in its 24th year. For more information, visit www.LMInstitute.com.

The Workforce Educational Organization (WEO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit education organization. The WEO is a legally independent organization and is funded through sponsorships, grants and donations. WEO sponsors include ADP, LLC. (Diamond), WorkForce Software (Gold), Accu-Time, and Qqest (now Infinisource) (Silver). Other forward-thinking sponsors have also contributed financially to this effort. The WEO is headquartered in Lemont, IL and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors from the workforce management technology industry.

For more information please visit www.WEO-CERT.Org.

“The WEO is a good example of an all-win approach. Workforce management professionals improve their skills and knowledge; companies get more value out of their software; vendors get happier customers; scholars get a chance to affect the real world of work; and workers get schedules that work for them. We need more business and professional organizations with this sort of inclusive vision.” (Ed Frauenheim; Workforce Management.com; “Who Knew My Matchmaking Would Lead to the Workforce Educational Organization?” April 26, 2012.)

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Sherry Evens, WEO Co-Chairperson
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Labor Management Institute
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About the WEO
Headquartered in Lemont, IL, the Workforce Educational Organization (WEO) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit legally independent education organization supported by members, sponsors, grants and donations. For more information, please visit www.WEO-CERT.org. WEO Media Contact: Michael Hoover, President WEO, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 215.443.8720

About the Labor Management Institute
Headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota, the Labor Management Institute (LMI) offers workforce management education, research and consulting specializing in operations, employee scheduling and staffing to budget, productivity management and report automation in healthcare and other organizations (casinos/resorts, and retail clients) nationally and internationally. Ms. Suby regularly contributes articles and book publications. The PSS™ Annual Survey of Hours Report© has been cited and/or quoted in national publications including: VHA DIRECTIVE 2010-034 “Attachment A” (Published 07-19-2010) by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). www.VHA.gov and the 2004 Institute of Medicine Report on “Keeping Patients Safe; Transforming the Work Environment of Nurses.”; Pg. 20,82,103,171, 173,218,221; www.nap.ed. For more information, please visit www.LMInstitute.com (866)-404-7544.