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Written by Michael Hoover   
Thursday, 01 September 2011 00:13
Close to 100 people from as far as the United Kingdom, Canada, and across the United States met in Las Vegas this June for the Independent Time and Labor Management Association’s 33rd annual conference. Attendees took away tips on how to improve their business operations, and discussed the growing trend of cloud-based systems and the challenges currently facing the time and labor industry.

In his keynote address, "Rebuilding the Structure of Your Organization: The Cure for the Overworked Executive," speaker Jim Kahrs of Prosperity Plus talked about how dealerships can avoid becoming overwhelmed by their day-to-day operational activities and mired in a perpetual cycle of “coping”. One thing leaders can do, even if they only have two employees, is to develop an organizational chart to create a clear division of labor and each employee’s roles and responsibilities. The org chart should not only reflect reporting structure but delineate who is responsible for communications, services and handling quality requests, for example. A well-run business is like a well-designed machine with all components working together, Kahrs said.
Attendees appreciated the advice.

"The talk by Jim Kahrs was rewarding," said exhibitor Richard Metcalf of Qqest. "I took a lot of notes and had a conversation with him afterward. I look forward to applying those subjects learned to this year’s business."

Metcalf was one of the 18 companies who participated in the conference's day-long expo, which featured manufacturers' and software developers' new products and services as well as key place to network. Metcalf and Quest earned "Best in Show" for their booth and best "Rat-Pack themed attire" at the festive Viva ITLMA Extravaganza. Speaking of festive, conference participants and their families enjoyed a fun night of bowling, thanks to sponsor Acroprint, at the Orleans Hotel and Casino.

Regarding trends, participants discussed that 2010 made us aware that software-as-a-service-based solutions have fully matured in the marketplace, and no matter what the industry or company size, our end-users want the benefits of these solutions. These solutions require less implementation and ongoing maintenance. SaaShr.com hosted a round-table discussion to share news of how more and more related industries, including CPAs, are adopting these solutions and adding time and labor management solutions to their product offering. While this is exciting as it may create new partnerships, it may also threaten existing businesses that are grounded in TLM. It is a shift that we as an association need to address.

Still, there is much room for growth among both vendors and dealers. Several first-time attendees saw opportunities to provide dealers with other value-added services not currently offered by current exhibitors. John Brandt of Sciengistics said he was encouraged to find that his niche of scheduling and schedule management was as prominently represented as compared to other offerings at the conference.

"I will try to reach out to the contacts I made to see how we might work together," Brandt said. "We will definitely be showcasing our solution at next year’s conference.”

ITLMA President Sherry Evens and Lisa Disselkamp of Athena Enterprise gave a spotlight presentation highlighting the new certification program recently launched by the ITLMA Workforce Education Organization (ITLMA-WEO). Not only will this certification program increase awareness of the ITLMA outside of the scope of its membership, but it will also raise the bar for best practices and competency in Workforce Management (WFM).

Looking forward, we are excited to increase overall awareness of the ITLMA, increase participation at the annual conference, and explore partnership opportunities. So please save the date for next year’s conference to be held June 13-16th, 2012 at the Indianapolis at the University Place Conference Center and Hotel.

To quote Frank Sinatra, “Luck is only important in so far as getting the chance to sell yourself at the right moment. After that, you've got to have talent and know how to use it.”

Michael is the Secretary Treasurer of the ITLMA and President of ATR Systems, a time and labor management solution-provider based in the Philadelphia area. Article originally published in Marking Time magazine.
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